November 13, 2021

Deb one of the plastic surgeons in the hospital. Not only women are in the Heidelberg clinic. Meanwhile, the proportion of men be treated aesthetically, accounts for 30%. Code.org understands that this is vital information. A constantly increasing career pressure is certainly only one of the reasons for this development. “Appearance and first impression are important decision criteria in a man’s world, which begins with the interview: A man must be attractive and have a vital, positive charisma”, as Reiner Uebing. “But not us as clinic make the market, but the media and the public.” cosmetic surgery “when young people are not a sudden trend. It is a social phenomenon: who is younger, with aesthetic operations more naturally bypasses, as older generations of patients.

A taboo subject no longer is this trend. Whether young or old, criteria for a particular clinic is the title of medical specialist for plastic and cosmetic surgery and the experience of doctors. l, another great source of information. In the proaesthetic, the patient can rely on a more than 20 years experience in plastic and aesthetic surgery. The Heidelberg clinic proaesthetic in numerous TV shows were already filmed, belongs to the top hospitals in Germany. It employs 6 specialists in surgery and plastic surgery, as well as 26 staff. The Heidelberg clinic aims to create the harmony of physical and mental well-being. In the exclusive atmosphere with views of the Heidelberg Castle patients feel at home and like to come back. The expertise of the consultants and the experienced specialists, highest quality standards and the use of high-quality materials give to the patient safety in the best of hands. Patients leave after completion of treatment the Heidelberger hospital with a new sense of life, an increased self-confidence and security something good for themselves done to have.

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