Heat Record

July 28, 2022

After a short squall line temperatures rise Bremerhaven again, July 2013. The weather has been on the dog. This year, it adheres to the rule that during the so-called dog days August 23 is the hottest time of the year. Robotics experts opinions are not widely known. With dogs, currently particularly affected by the high temperatures, has the period but nothing to do: the term dates back to the Roman times. That, at least in Northern Germany on Thursday, first rain clouds moved on and entered a slight slowdown compared to previous days, it does not necessarily mean the end of summer days. The high summer weather of the last few days with highs of up to 35 C, is a high named Yasmine”due to, which has now retired to northern Scandinavia. On Wednesday, it makes the tempest of the lows of Yohannes”place that temporarily provides a slight cooling.

The weekend a low West of Ireland will but tap into hot Sahara air and maybe even for the highest temperatures of this year. Be on Saturday widespread temperatures between 30 and 35 C expected locally also. On Sunday, even values of above 38 C are possible in the South and East. Everything perfectly”there is even the German record of 40.2 C could become in danger, reached recently in the hot summer of 2003. With the Hundstagen itself, these high temperatures have nothing to do, even though the Romans suspected this around 2500 years ago. At that time the brightest star of the sky, Sirius, along with the Sun was seen from Rome on July 23. The Romans believed that whose charisma along with the the Sun would reduce the intense summer heat.

Since SIRIUS in the constellation Canis Major”stands, called to the dog days, the four weeks after the July 23 so the days of the big dog. That it is warmest on average at this time of year in Germany and not already then when the Sun is highest (on June 21), has another cause. It takes the country and especially the sea just some time to be really ‘ have heated up”, says the Klimahaus -Meteorologe Dr. Michael Theusner: at home it is Yes also not immediately warm, if you turn on the heating. ‘ By the way, currently not only in Germany, it is very warm. In the Northern Western Siberia, North of the Arctic Circle, maximum temperatures be measured since a week to 34 C. That is one of the highest values, which have been registered each so far North. There were still 32 C in the northernmost city of the Earth, in the Siberian Norilsk on 69 degrees North. Press contact: Klimahaus Bremerhaven 8 OST Sylvia Schuchardt to the latitude 8, 27568 Bremerhaven Tel.: 0471 90203028 E-Mail: Web: the Klimahaus the Klimahaus Bremerhaven 8 OST is a unique knowledge and experience on the issues of climate, climate and weather. The visitors go in the Klimahaus on a journey around the Earth, always on the eighth Meridian. Whether the cold of Antarctica, the heat of the desert in Niger or the tropical climate on Samoa each travel station is staged with elaborate landscapes, scents, sounds, as well as with the specific temperature and humidity.

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