Francesca Tessarollo

June 2, 2023

Golf is a sport that is becoming increasingly popular. If you want to combine Golf and vacations, Sicily is what you are looking for. Many Italians, but not only them, the beaches of Sicily which are often more exotic destinations in nothing select for their summer holidays. But Sicily has other trumps in his hand, and can offer much in relation to sports, especially golf. The number of fans of this sport has increased, also because the sport crimes and other types of deeds – by star players like Tiger Woods, who undoubtedly made a great promotion for golf in the last few years, and in Italy, thanks to the brothers Molinari and Matteo Manassero, became the professional athletes with 17 years by he Golf more known, made a sport that otherwise would be not a great approval in Italy, at least in the media.

For all lovers of golf, old or new, nothing is better than a few days in Sicily, where there are some beautiful golf courses and hotels right on the beach with Spa, the ideal to relax and unwind after a day on the green. Sicily is suitable because of the mild climate and the favourable climatic conditions, which allow the bustle of this sport in the winter for an outdoor sports such as golf. In fact, if in other Italian regions look for that if not impossible is at least unpleasant people with teeth from cold, and play golf in the winter months, do not interfere with the mild temperatures in Sicily the lovers of this sport. A plus for the tourism industry of the region, which can be seasonally adjusted thanks to the Gulf. And don’t worry about the high temperatures in the summer, which can reach a high level in Sicily: in many areas of the island, the heat is dry and windy, and therefore easier to endure. There are several Sicilian provinces with golf courses. In the area of Catania, for example, there are golf courses that give stunning views of Mount Etna players; in the province of Trapani, golf means to enjoy the charm of the Madonie natural park. Golf courses deserve special mention Sicily by the Province of Ragusa, located within walking distance of the area’s most popular beaches, and on the island of Pantelleria, which gives you the opportunity to play literally surrounded by the waters of the Mediterranean.

If you want to combine Golf and beach holiday, or if you are looking for a golf course where you can play even if the summer is still far, Sicily is the place you are looking for. This article was written by Francesca Tessarollo with help from hotel in Sicily. For more information, please visit Golf Sicily Sicily 4 stars hotels.

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