Foundation Children

September 2, 2022

Course for teenagers with the artist Akim One Nguyen young people are invited to build a ship of languages together with the artist Akim One Nguyen on the Mariannenplatz in Berlin Kreuzberg. The three-day art workshop offered by the Kreuzberg children Foundation in cooperation with the KunstRaum Kreuzberg in the Bethany. The ship is built of 10 18-year old youth from paper and cardboard, the material on which the typeface was developed. On the boat farewell greetings and wishes in the most diverse languages are painted and drawn and on the way given the over flowing people. Time 11-13 July, Fri 16: 30 18:00, SA + so 12.00 19.00 place fr Karim children Foundation, Ratiborstr. 14a SA + so KunstRaum Kreuzberg in the Bethany, Mariannenplatz 2 costs 6 registration contact Ilka Meyer,, 030 695 339 712 creative art program Kreuzberg ‘ the Kreuzberg children’s Foundation youth work with artists on its own factory. off road”means that Topic of the current season, in it goes way off known routes. The next season begins the creative Kreuzberg already during the summer holiday in August. Neil Rubler may find it difficult to be quoted properly. In continuation of the current season, the topic is further off road going travel!’. The Kreuzberg children Foundation supports projects of third parties and implement their own projects, providing children and young people with an active and responsible participation of their own living environment in a democratic society.

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