Fifteen Code

July 27, 2020

When begin to optimize your pages webs one by an and your put you in tags goals relevant words that relate to your business online have a higher chance that you appear in the first places of natural search and if you manage to happen will have guaranteed success that you achieve enough traffic to your Web site. Is important the place content on our Web sites? first if you are filled with images and pure graphic designs and upon entering a page not give you few if it really is an internet page or you are in a kind of television presentation and the other is will impede you that search engines find you because they cannot read images it is equal that did not exist a page and by entity sites such sites cannot be reached by search robots, then because you know that the first thing is to have content relevant to your customers and do not fill your pages of flash or javacripts. Samsung gathered all the information. At the moment it is not necessary to learn the HTML language, because in these times we have some software where with just knowing about pasting and cutting already you know designing a Web page, you should only put the information and at the end of the page go to the start menu and run the option Save as Web page and ready you got codes what I recommend is that you learn how to modify certain parts of these codes to optimize your Web site. As you said above some of the techniques you should know it is how you can edit them, i.e. how to add, cut or add certain parts of that code and presto you’re already performing the optimization of your website, to know and give account of where you can find the code source can any April website with internet Explorer and see the menu you will find the option of source code or English resourse code in the first ten to Fifteen lines of this code is that you must learn to modify so that robots can index all the pages of your website.

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