June 28, 2023

Every second Russian Internet user is registered in the social network VKontakte. The network currently has 105 million OpenID users. Such popularity is OpenID in Russia pushed for a second plan for the main competitor – Odnoklassniki. How many people know how everyone's favorite appeared 'contact'? Do you think his own hands written by the Durov? You are wrong, everything is much more easier. So, the first social network of mass Use was Facebook. It was written by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004. Mark was at the time a student at Harvard, modest, intelligent and very considerate person. In just a month he wrote an entire social network, which quickly grew and eventually won the whole world. For more information see this site: Ali Partovi.

While the Mark at his company earned millions of dollars Facebook.com about him and learned in Russia. More precisely on its social networking site. In 2006, Paul Durov literally copied facebook changed its appearance, and removing some services, naming a new social network VKontakte. Initially, the contact was for Paul's classmates (just like the story of facebook), and only later began to grow and be accessible to all. As if everything is exactly the history of facebook. Although contact to assert their rights after being accused of plagiarism, but its origin is uncertain.

Nevertheless, the number of users continues to grow. This process is almost reversible, because if you have all your friends in a social network, it is unlikely you go to another. According to this principle there are many sites. VC is changing in the direction of Facebook. Already, they have different interface, though some innovations in contact after their implementation appear on Facebook. Even if it is not so, I would not have believed that kompniya facebook, which is worth billions of dollars in copying services to contact. What to choose? I chose to facebook. Although much of it learned later my registration in contact. Much difference between them. But in my facebook may look wiser and more stable than the choppy OpenID. By the way, if you have blocked access to Facebook or OpenID, you can still all come to them through a free anonymizer.

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