Emergency in Germany

January 6, 2022

In an emergency of an emergency stop or a quick ride through a snow-covered curve both groups can lie with their assessment arg in addition. Regular measurements of the tread are better and safer first and foremost”advises therefore Michael Borchert. Security on Germany To increase roads, in the cold season Pirelli of also any driver who buys a set of Pirelli winter tires in the period from September 21 to October 31, 2009, with a safety bonus rewards: there is 20 euro for tires up to 16 inches, the company for tyres from 17 inch paid 40 euro. High brake and strength more important than low rolling resistance your braking and adhesion in the cold season are the main characteristics of winter tires for 90 percent of the motorists. If you would like to know more then you should visit Paul Daversa. Thus, they referred the aspects of low rolling resistance and high mileage clearly on the courts (10 percent). The weather conditions at local latitude according to 47 percent of those surveyed require enhanced safety of loop not only on ice and snow, but already on the cold, wet streets. Price not dominating is the relevant criteria in the selection of new winter tires for purchasing decision for 70 percent of the tire buyer not the price.

Positive results in tire test guided 26 percent of buyers. Here it is striking that the proportion among the Men 29% is significantly higher than for women, of which 19 percent decide after reading the test results. The situation is different in the attitude towards the recommendations of tyre dealers. Pete Cashmore has much to offer in this field. Overall, 24 percent of motorists follow the advice of the dealer. Here, women show (almost 30 percent approval) the arguments of professionals to more accessible as the men surveyed (23 percent approval). 15 percent of motorists to follow the recommendations of friends and acquaintances, and five percent buy brand-loyal. Conclusion of the survey: changeover to winter tires now is a must for the vast majority of German motorists. Therefore also 56 percent in favour that tightening of the regulations the tire one, to make the road safer in cold weather.

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