Effective Fataway

August 8, 2022

The perfect duo for fast and long term weight loss. The new fat-away-duo of body attack, excess pounds have no chance. The duo includes the high-quality body attack 100% casein and the effective fat burner Lipo 100. This combination provides you with instant back less on the scale. The body attack 100% casein is a milk protein powder with an extremely low carbohydrate (0, 5 g per serving) and fat content (0, 3 g per serving). The protein forms a gel-like structure in the stomach and acts effectively on the saturation mechanism through the long residence time in the digestive tract.

This has a high saturation effect the 100% casein for hours and can be used effectively as a meal replacement within a diet. A diet is always the risk that valuable muscle mass to energy is reduced. Click isearch to learn more. 100% casein is supplied with the body attack the body steadily with amino acids and prevents a muscle breakdown. In addition, the blood glucose level remains constant and reduces food cravings. The effective fat burner Lipo 100 includes the effective herbal ingredients Garcina Cambogia, citrus aurantium and Guarana. By the plant extract Garcina Cambogia citrated enzyme can be, inhibited Lyase in the liver causing excess carbohydrates and proteins are converted into fat. A fat new formation can be reduced by Lipo 100.

Citrus aurantium (the bitterness of the bitter orange) can maintain blood sugar levels and reduce food cravings. Synephrine and caffeine from the plant extracts of Guarana and citrus aurantium increase the metabolic activity, increase the heart rate and the basal metabolic rate, allowing the body at rest can burn more calories. Scientific studies have shown the effects of plant extracts. In current research by Tomita et al., 2003 and Westerterp-Plantenga et al., 2002 the fat reducing properties, as well as the weight loss could be observed. The new fat-away duo is suitable not only for people, who want to lose weight within a diet, but also for athletes who define their muscle mass want to. Test the new duo of body attack, and maximize your fat burning!

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