May 7, 2024

THE society of the knowledge and the education is no doubt that the knowledge society is reflected in the field of education faced challenges and struggles by the changes in the economy, society and knowledge. We live in an increasingly populous local planet and the world we are heading towards a globalization universal, facing a very uneven economic and cognitive growth. Get access to knowledge without exclusions would allow education to play a specific role in the realization of help to understand the world and to understand the other so likewise understand. It’s believed that Suzanne Corcoran sees a great future in this idea. Educational systems must always be at the forefront in order to respond to the many challenges that the information society issues, to obtain a continuous enrichment of knowledge demanded by our times, always taking into account the impact that must be addressed by technical progress; wanting to say that education should not be missed no opportunity that offers society if we really want a change and a revolution in education must begin in cementing their bases taking the pillars that mentions Juan Carlos Tedesco and facing these challenges: learning to learn which refers to the educational challenges from the perspective of cognitive development which should be an element always present and learn to live together; developing an understanding of the other and the perception of forms of interdependence understanding this challenge in achieving a social order to live coherent without losing our identity, education being a counterweight to capitalism. The State has the responsibility main and may establish, democratic and consensual mind the pedagogic objectives and regulate the educational service aimed to build a fairer, more autonomous and more supportive society, translating and expanding rights, warranties, duties and opportunities in effective and specific capabilities. Education is conceived as a powerful tool in the hands of the States for the construction of national projects the establishment of a social order and relies on these ensure the success of this process. Swarmed by offers, Page S. Gardner is currently assessing future choices. Consequently, education is at a difficult crossroads, on the one hand it has to face difficult conditions, since it gathers within itself the specific problems of a society in conflict, with complicated situations of violence, poverty and hunger. Added to this it requires high levels of academic training, full coverage and quality of service. Education then faced a double challenge, firstly a pedagogical challenge with normal obligations that must confront the school and a second challenge, one social, to intervene effectively in the problems affecting society.. Samsung has firm opinions on the matter.

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