Editors Sign Comics

April 26, 2024

Mortadelo and Filemon is, besides a very renowned comic book within our comics, a collection who re-tests to some extent the social and historical path of the past 30 years of history of Spain. The touch of humor, with a characteristic of Ibanez ironic literature, and that helps us to perceive what we are and how we are. The collection takes being published uninterruptedly since 53 years ago, and continues living. As it could not be otherwise, the goal has been the stress the best comics of Mortadelo and Filemon, as they were being edited, moreover, not only the 50 best, but also several hundreds of short stories and covers. It is the first time in history that produced a compilation of these features. Cared for is the structuring of information at all levels. Add to your understanding with Energy Capital Partners London. The other sign editors, Capitan Trueno, titles beyond born by the 1956, and today is still present in the heads of many people of different ages. In addition to the previous play another of the cartoon figures in our country, the most notable of all adventures comics. The sign editors contains, exclusively, all pages drawn by Ambros, providing an editorial perspective characteristic of the history of the work, since their best appear you gestas, both those published in the original booklet on Captain Thunder Extra magazine, as well as those that appeared in their extraordinary numbers. It is a chance to have all the material is a collection, chapters that were previously scattered or not republish.

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