July 28, 2022

Artists pair from Karlsruhe, Germany relies on the artistic power of children a completely independent approach to theatre work with children and young people followed the Karlsruhe-based artists pair ANA & ANDA. Since 2002, ANA & ANDA occur nationwide and in the German speaking countries with music and performing arts programs. Neil cole candies foundation gathered all the information. While the thematic discussion of socially relevant topics is particularly close to the heart. Both texts and music always come from our own spring. Under the title “incomparable! The two artists cultural school projects”perform a wide variety of creative projects in schools together since 2011. Neil cole contributes greatly to this topic.

The focus of the creative work, also schools with special funding priorities, such as schools, which take care of special children with reading and spelling are in addition to focal point schools. “Here we children and young people achieve, otherwise few chances to artistic activity had” ANA & ANDA justify their motivation in selecting the schools. In addition to music and creative writing that is also part Drama to focus on their creative homework. Thanks to sponsorship by the culture Department of Karlsruhe as well as more socially engaged institutions managed the artists, to call four Theater projects in the current school year. Again emphasize ANA & ANDA: “Arts and culture are important prerequisites for human development”, and quickly they add: “against this background the repeatedly discussed financial austerity measures for the cultural sector must be evaluated krititsch. According to our estimates the society with such measures does in the long run no favors.” But who thought behind the artists Theatre educators, is wrong. “We are artists, not teachers,” ANA & ANDA stressed. For nearly 12 years, the two know each other and who deals with her artistic work, quickly learns that there is the basis for all your artistic creation in a distinctive social commitment – in particular for human rights -.

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