Cultivating Intuition

August 27, 2022

a The hope is a flowering tree that sways gently to the breath of ilusionesa Severo Catalina All while remaining alive in this dimension of illusory forms, transient, we can make use of our intuition, that we bring into our genes product our learning, that other opportunities have grown and our part, because it is itself, since it involves our experience, the results of our experiences, learning other opportunities that we have been for these planes. We can use it if we are attentive to their signs, signals. Get it all that information that helps us make the right decision and where the rational mind can not intervene, given that much of the information they provide the intuition is very unknown. Many teachers who have gone through this level know what it represents intuition, scope, impact, benefits of knowing handle and interpret one of them was Osho, we lay on it which scientists say we still are not able to do that which makes man instinctively. Moreover, in a small body, the instinct performs miracles. If you are not convinced, visit Neil Rubler. If science would one day do the work of a single human body, a plant would need at least two square kilometers for a single human being.

AMay most incredible machine! And maybe even then not infallible, the machine can break, be stopped, there may be a power outage. However, for seventy years without stopping, or even a few people for a hundred years, the instinct is still working perfectly. Never outages.

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