Crisp Stars

June 1, 2023

They are so tiny, their effect on our health is so great. That should miss none on the menu… Cakes or pastries – as bread, spaghetti, lasagna or a grain pan, in cereals, whole grains offer distinctive tastes. The full grain kernel or its products but do not only taste good, but they contain almost all the essential nutrients. Only vitamin C and B12 is missing and the calcium level is quite low.

The value the ingredients are but not evenly distributed in the grain, but are mostly in the outer layers and in the germ. The latter has much to offer, because he has in addition to a high fat content with valuable fatty acids also abundant minerals and vitamins. The germ is a valuable source for vitamins B1 and B2, and E. Whole wheat flour is only adequate. Unfortunately, nowadays mainly the white flour used for bread, pasta, cakes and pastries.

Formerly could only the rich people afford such meal, because the production was expensive and it was therefore considered valuable. But today it is known that whole grains has to offer much more. In the manufacture of light flour the fibre-rich outer layers are separated, partially or completely, as the germ of the grain removed. Depending on how much is separated, flour of different grinding grades or different type of flour is produced. Depending on the degree of grinding is higher, the more deprived of the germ and the outer layers and more flour is extracted from the grain. Whole grains are the main suppliers of fiber as well as legumes, nuts, vegetables and fruit. Long, the scientists assumed that the fiber would be excreted unchanged again. But the bacteria that are naturally present in any colon, can partially relieve individual fiber. This gives rise to a cheap environment in the colon, which suppresses the growth of unwanted spoilage bacteria. Dietary fiber can bind also undesirable substances and their contact with the Prevent intestinal wall. The result decreases the risk of intestinal diseases such as colon cancer. Unfortunately, many at the keyword think grain wheat, rice or rye. But also oats, barley, spelt, corn, millet and spelt are available on the whole-meal plan. Buckwheat is actually not a grain but a knotweed plant, is used as the other types of grain. The individual species differ not only by their composition, but also by its typical taste. Everyone will find his favorite cereal to his personal preferences. Also the seedlings that can be drawn from the cereal grains are tasty and nutritious. Round off very well as a fruit salad or a cereal of whole wheat flakes. A great advantage of grain is that it can be stored for long and is therefore always available. An intrinsically domestic mill and a supply of whole grains will save you much time shopping. Appreciate especially those, which are very fixed in family or profession. Grain is offered but also in natural food – and reform goods stores freshly ground. Cool and dark stored can be approximately five weeks to store whole wheat flour without large nutrient losses. Thus, the grain is an important component of a balanced and healthy diet and should, absent in its natural form, in any household. As much the technical theory. Often knowledge can be easily appropriated, but always remember, that each person is individual. A personal trainer or nutritionist can be a great help there.

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