Creating Enterprise

January 18, 2024
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Not only is each year, but each month the Moscow inspection can change the policy of registration of companies. Since 2006, the attorney was canceled at the time and getting a set of constituent documents. Do not have time to get used to the fact that receipt of the documents allowed to perform all the same proxy as the tax office has decided on 5 February 2007 not to issue certified copies of the documents. Getting the statutes and statutory instruments in territorial tax inspectorates Moscow delayed the registration of the company has a couple of weeks, instead of the promised five days by law. In April 2007, FTS Inspection of Russian Federation 46 of Moscow changed its mind and decided that the stamp for copies of the documents, which had been raised during the registration company for free, you can put on a fee basis to 400 rubles for each to give all the required documents within 7 working days. This is – simple nuances of Compared with the illegal blocking of accounts, which have become tougher during the struggle against "one-day firms." It turns out that the establishment of the enterprise – this is only a first and small step to start a business, but this "Small" step could turn into a protracted story, which moves the business into the background. Every day, MI Tax Service of Russian Federation 46 of Moscow gives hundreds of failures in the state registration of legal entities. Despite the fact that grounds for refusal to register the new firm are only two: the failure of certain legal documents and submission of documents to the wrong registration authority, in practice it turns out differently. In Moscow, it is difficult to hand over documents in the wrong body, because it is one for all of Moscow, but the failure by the law of five documents found at every turn.

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