Computer Performance

July 17, 2020

With the passage of time the performance of our computers, by very powerful as they are, begins to decrease. As soon as we begin to notice the first symptoms, such as, for example, a too slow startup, programs that take active, perform tasks or save changes, difficulty to copy and paste files, among others the alarm. But it is not so serious and the solution is simpler than it seems and we can optimize our PC without effort or as many complications as we can fear us. For starters, we can get rid of unwanted visits updating anti-virus, and thus preventing possible attacks that could seriously damage our Internet connection, or clog your hard disk. Luckily, the network offers numerous tools that eliminate software spyware, even that virus is not considered and that, therefore, ignore the antivirus.

On the other hand, we must try to eliminate files and unused programs that occupy space on our hard drive hard without us noticing. For example, programs that you have never used, temporary files accumulated, ancient documents that we can save on external files now properly, if we see that the task goes beyond us, that we do not dare to delete certain applications for what’s can be important and others, we can use specific optimization programs PC s that will do the job for us. Once the program is installed, it will first identify the weak points of the system, find unwanted applications and deletes temporary and unnecessary files. With the right software anyone can easily make an optimization of PC without much effort. Normally, programs concerned with all aspects of the optimization of the PC but also offer us the option to have all more or less controlled with the possibility to manually configure what type of PC optimization should carry out on our computer, what type of internet connection have (for a more continuous control) and other possibilities depending on the application that you choose. The main thing, in any case, is to be prudent with internet always using a secure connection, avoid accumulation of temporary files, deleting them regularly and be more or less sorted with content not accumulating sin ton ni are socumentos, images or videos that monopolize our hard drive. Maintain and optimize our PC is not that hard and save us more than one annoyance and more than one invoice!.

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