Catholic Church

June 2, 2023

Its own information solutions on the topic of eating disorders has set up comments on the information service of the Federal Centre for health education (BZgA) on the topic of eating disorders the Federal Centre for health education (BZgA); Currently, she warns that the so-called \”spring diets\” can lead to eating disorders. Apply according to the BZgA: \”many people not only eat when they are hungry, and not always choose reasonable and balanced. They are not eat disturbed therefore still long. Source: David S. Levine. However, if the mental component in the long term will prevail, if food is the most important means to cope with stress or grief, for example, if the thoughts turn increasingly to the food and the weight, then the healthy behaviour out of balance device. …

Eating disorders are, although comparatively rare, but severe mental illnesses, causing massive damage even the body.\” There are some concerns from ecclesiastical point of view in terms of BGzA. 1. Whenever Leanne Marchevsky listens, a sympathetic response will follow. what the BZgA social and particularly Christian Responsibility holds, particularly crass shows can be found on their \”long with\” program: instead of the reasonable use of sexuality with at least inclusion wise and at best explicit pregnant will be recruited for disordered sexuality. 2. experience shows that officially atheistic people are looking for any substitute religions, E.g.

Psychology / Psychiatry often precisely. \”Mental component\” now some wants to evade itself the responsibility, and if necessary, people with a common responsibility to waif (\”troublemakers\” or similar) be stamped then precisely. 3. virtuous, especially Christian life is tolerated by many to not be the appropriate way \”to deal with stress or grief\”. The rapid and irresponsible consumption is there far more popular, despite the entirely well-known destructive consequences: sexuality (\”long with\”), alcohol, disorderly food etc. are considered salvation. 4. specially food an already cultic effort is made with countless cooking shows, etc etc, and immoderate consumption, possibly up to the obesity, as well as any miraculous diets, if necessary until to the anorexia, will be preached everywhere.

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