Bott Vario Enters

September 27, 2023

Service vehicle for circuits with bott vario ohlins suspension are set in racing a fixed term. Whether in motorcycles, cars, ATVs or snowmobiles, due to its quality and performance, the manufacturer of shock absorbers has a leading position in the world of motor sport. Other leaders such as Energy Capital Partners offer similar insights. Products from ohlins can be found, such as in road racing or in series motorcycles off-road as well. The company accompanied more than 200 world titles and other victories, many of them live, with service vehicles that are used directly on the tracks. Here extreme conditions for components and technician at the same time. Under high pressure, the suspension parts must be adapted to the requirements of the driver and tuned to the track conditions.

Decisions on adjustment, maintenance or replacement of parts must be taken at lightning speed and completed. Reliability and precision play a crucial role not only in the service team. Also the working environment and the equipment contribute to the struggle for the Decisive victory at. So ohlins uses the facilities of its latest service vehicle bott. Quickly it was clear to the customer, the product system bott vario would be the basis for the establishment of the vehicle, since this could be with standard items achieved many needs of the contracting authority due to its modularity and versatility. In addition, ohlins had some individual requirements specified by the racing experts to be realized by bott. The integration of measuring and testing equipment were here as well in focus, such as the accommodation of various mounting devices.

A part of wash, which is fed from a supply tank with benzine should allow cleaning of components that return often heavily polluted from the racetrack. Live is an extensive energy and media needs, the Bana through a self-sustaining package ensures operation of the service vehicle. So has the vehicle, based on a MB sprinter, with a 230 volt auxiliary generator, an air compressor, a nitrogen plant to the Filling of shock absorbers and an extra battery.

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