Android Phones

July 26, 2020

Every day approximately 200,000 advanced phones and other devices with the Google Android operating system, are sold said Wednesday 04 August, 2010 the CEO of the company’s Internet, Eric Schmidt, emphasizing the strong challenge to rivals such as Apple’s iPhone. The number one in the world search engine is looking for new opportunities to obtain income to slow down its main business on the Internet and with new technologies such as advanced mobile phones and social networking services transform the way in which consumers have access to the network. Schmidt said during the Techonomy Conference in the Californian town of Lake Tahoe that Android a program for mobile phones released little more than one year ago is gaining momentum in a fiercely competitive scenario. He also said hoped that searches in mobile advertising finished surpassing the revenue that Google generates search on PCs, although not predicted will occur when. It seems that Android is not only phenomenal, but incredibly phenomenal success in their growth rates, said to journalists after intervening in a panel. Smart phones that operate with that software were bestsellers in the second quarter among American consumers, said on Wednesday the signing of tracking NPD.

One-third of all appliances sold between April and June had with that operating system, while the BlackBerry from Research in Motion fell to second place for the first time since 2007. BlackBerry lost nine percentage points of market share and fell to 28 percent. The iPhone came in third, with 22 percent. Android is now in smartphones manufactured by several companies, including the Motorola Droid device with Android more sold during the second quarter in the U.S. and the Taiwanese HTC devices.

Google said recently that 160,000 phones with Android system has activated every day during the second quarter, up from 65,000 journals of the first quarter. Schmidt said that Google now It is focused on integrating social networking features into their products online, but he refused to make a statement on the news that it is creating a new service to compete with Facebook, the largest social network in the world and indicating that you would associate with signatures of social games like Zynga. Analysts have said that games could be the gateway for Google in social networks, in a moment in which the Internet giant seeks to turn the page after a series of disappointing efforts that have left it in the background in a boom market. There have been many leaks, some of which have been corrected, some that were not. In general it is better to not talk about unannounced products, Schmidt said. In general, we always believe that our products would be better with more social signals. These statements arrive the same day in which the company has disabled Google Wave, a product of social networks of high profile presented last year. Schmidt said that Wave got not enough momentum, but that the company would apply some of its functions to upcoming products. By Leonel Morales. Obtained daily from the international press articles. (No longer available in the network blog). Visit: to start in the business of internet with or without web page.

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