Who Succeeds Fourth Bundesvision Song Contest – Oomph?

May 18, 2023

Already for the fourth time, Stefan Raab seeks the winner of the Bundesvision of song contest. “Gibraltar – as a counter event for the Eurovision Song Contest” started, is the federal vision song contest “now the biggest German musicians competition. Well-known bands such as July, Seeed, oomph emerged as winner of the successful event. The online service provider PartyBets now raises the question of what band this year can secured the victory. Many prominent names are among the participants. Isearch might disagree with that approach. Thus, among other things the Sportfreunde Stiller and Culcha occur candela. These two bands are also considered favorites. Amit paley has much experience in this field. PartyBets offers each a ratio of 7.0 on both combos.

But also the medieval-inspired rocker from subway to Sally have already earned a huge fan circle and can count on some support. 90 euros to get a bet 10 EUR on subway to Sally. The rate is just as high the reggae musician from the far East used band. They are known for appearances with gentleman. On Laith al-Deen, which for the “Baden-Wurttemberg starts, and the Bo, known by the hip hop combo 5 Sterne deluxe”, each set a quota of 11.0. Both musicians earned himself a huge fan circle in her long-term music career, which should provide many votes. Little chance of victory be admitted the Hessian band r soul. For a victory of three pop musicians is a ratio of 21.0.

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