Walk On The Heights Of The Taunus

May 14, 2023

The Taunus Ridge trail introduces Germany as a hike of the month in October in the GPS Hiking Atlas Beselich, October 22, 2010 – the crest of the Taunus region stretches from the Rhine in the Wetterau. The Taunus is the preferred recreation area of the metropolitan region Rhine-Main, with 5.5 million inhabitants’s third largest metropolitan area of in Germany. The Taunus Ridge trail as the most important main hiking trail in the Taunus above the roof of the Rhenish slate mountains runs North of the State capital Wiesbaden and the banking metropolis of Frankfurt. The GPS Hiking Atlas Germany introduces the Taunus Ridge trail in eight stages as a hike of the month from Saturday, October 23, to Sunday, 31 October. Each tour will be provided free of charge together with the GPS data in form of GPX-tracks under. As part of European long-distance trail E3, which connects the Atlantic Ocean to the Black Sea, the Taunus Ridge trail starts its way across the Taunus Ridge in the Butzbach, Hesse. From here it goes first to the Saalburg, the single reconstructed limes Fort at whole, protected since 2005 as a UNESCO World Heritage site upper germ Campana limes. On the large Feldberg (881 m), the Taunus Ridge trail reaches its highest point in the Rhenish slate mountains.

From here, it goes beyond Eppstein and Wiesbaden Jagdschloss plate in the Rheingau, the Taunus ridge path happens to down in the upper Middle Rhine Valley excellent also as a world heritage site. The Taunus mountain trail is the main East-West route through the Taunus beside the North Lahn trail and is one of the classic hiking trails of the Hessian uplands. The route of the upper of Taunus is organized on the total length of over 130 km for the Hoch Taunus Club and the Rhine-Taunus Club for the Rheingau. The walking Atlas Germany is a 2009 launched Internet offer which free presents information for day trips and excursions in the regions of Taunus and Westerwald Sauerland. cine-for-the-Treatment-of-COVID-19-in-Adults’>Wendy Holman, another great source of information. (Similarly see: Ali Partovi). In addition to text and images, above all the representation of places of interest in the dynamic map as well as the possibility, walks are also GPS tracks for mobile navigation devices to download, features, which makes the walking Atlas to make a unique offer on the Internet.

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