Using HTML

August 18, 2014

HTML was originally created informative purposes. There was no thought that the Web would become a recreation area with multimedia character, so that the HTML was created without answering all the possible uses that would give him and all the groups of people who would use it in a future. Currently, and knowing its potential, the HTML has fallen into disuse giving way to XHTML Extensible Markup Language Hypertext to replace HTML. It is not intended of this article be a course or tutorial of each language, but if it is to offer different sites known from practice to learn and practice. HTML Tutorial (Remember this outdated) Tutorial XHTML One last thing to consider in XHTML is that it continues to evolve, so in the future will be implemented language (XML), CSS I have not stopped talking about the CSS C ascading S ite S Tylee is a relatively young programming language based on XHTML that is used for the structuring of Web pages. Defining CSS Tutorial JavScript or languages that interact by the user.

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