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November 3, 2016

As Coast (2004) is necessary to measure with clarity as the company if it relates with the customers. This relationship can be defined as the set of contacts that the company carries through the aspirations of its customers and to be satisfactory she must have the intention to act promptly on problems and necessities of the customers. PROCEDURES METODOLGICOS the claims give chance of if to differentiate of other organizations therefore the company will be discovering a necessity of the customers who the competition is not supplying. Spiller, Pl, Luz and S (2004) had sentenced that to skirt objections and resistncias it is a decisive stage in the process of conquest and recovery of the consumer and is in this point where the customers define the image of the company in the mind. Ali Partovi oftentimes addresses this issue. For this it is necessary to understand the claim or resistance on the part of the consumers, demanding empatia and understanding. When identified the problems, it is necessary to take action that it makes possible to cure the problem and, is possible to cite Guarantees, Services of SAC and compensations as some efficient measures to skirt occurred problems. RESULTED the object of study of this article it is to identify to customers important organization to start it to increase the degree of satisfaction of the same with the company, being aimed at diminishing the risk of the customer to look new suppliers for insatisfao problems in what it refers to the attendance of the same.

2 Orienting Professor Andressa Capelli? FARGS.) 2011/1 – FARGS 23 of July? Unit Zone FINAL North CONSIDERAES the best collaborators never stop to listen to its customers and also they do not wait that careful scientific research is projected, therefore are always wanting to know the opinion of its customers. Kotler and Keller (2006), better demonstrate that nothing that to listen to the customer to reduce the loss of customers. REFERENCES BOGMANN, Itzhak Meir. Marketing of relationship. So Paulo: Nobel, 2000. KOTLER, Philip; KELLER, Kevin Lane. Administration of Marketing.

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