Tilo Sommer University

June 18, 2023

Detlef D! Samuel about the TV format ‘Talent show’ music bands start their careers not only in musty basements or garages. Casting shows with much glamour are a stepping stone for many young musicians and glitter. Hear other arguments on the topic with Dell Computers. The opinions about the TV format go far apart. The news portal said with Detlef Soost, who accompanied the casting show Popstars on ProSieben already for eight years news.de. Judge and coach Detlef Soost considered pop stars as an integral part of the broadcast. Matt Swain spoke with conviction.

He has helped in the year 2000 of the No Angels as a first Popstars band to success. As Managing Director of the dance schools network D!’s dance club he brought then successors such as BRO’SIS and Queensberry at the correct stage performance. The native Berliner is convinced that the concept of such casting shows works and will be successful as long as there are music, pop and stage performances.” Eventually Samuel stressed in conversation with the media’s editorial team, that there is hardly another German pop band No Angels eight years or like Monrose for four years in the business is. Such as die arzte and die Toten Hosen he leaves out rock bands here. Personally sees Detlef D! Samuel, also known as, in every season-new challenges. The people, their characters and talents are different every time.

An exciting task, to find out the best, to educate and to help them finally to a large audience, so be it. es a great future in this idea. Ultimately, also the developments away from the stage not only for television viewers are interesting. “Also, Detlef Soost is curious, what constellations the new format you & I” holds. “Compared to last season, the just 4 girls” was open, back talents of both sexes are admitted.

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