Thermal Engineering

December 14, 2014

The city of Ufa – a leader in the technology of production of wooden houses (from the timber, round logs). Differences between technology erection of timber from the construction of houses made of logs relating to the angular joints rims. Rectangular cross section beam greatly simplifies the assembly design: in the manufacture of timber removed hard outer shell, so the board, rather than round logs, changing humidity and, therefore, subject to leash. Soft wood exposed to the devastating effects of the atmosphere. Home from a bar at Ufa most brick veneer, or sheathe vinyl siding. Not less than 2 years after completion of construction, when shrinkage of the construction of walls practically stops, you can proceed to finish the facade.

Construction of houses in Ufa, often not without a laminated board – the most perfect material with enhanced strength characteristics. Minor strain level gives the opportunity to apply fairly complex profiles, which provide tightness of joints crowns without the use of sealants. This material used only in the dry state, to make minimal shrinkage collected from his designs. In turn, this allows the interior and exterior finishing work immediately after construction box. The walls of the logs or timber are, and construction materials, well received by operational loads, and heat insulator, which reduces heat loss during cold seasons. With significant amounts of wood when building a house, with a thickness of wooden walls of at least 250-260 mm provides the necessary thermal protection that meets the requirements of snip II-3-79. Construction of wooden houses for the permanent accommodation should be coordinated with the requirements of the Construction of Thermal Engineering, which is not an important criterion for a seasonal residence buildings. However, as the thickness of walls of wooden construction chopped Houses will cost quite expensive. The minimum cost in Ufa kit homes (logs with a diameter of 220 mm) is 200 u.e./m2.

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