The Upper

May 30, 2011

Additional mechanical options of office chairs. Armchairs for heads and chairs for the staff of the upper price ranges are often equipped with additional options designed to improve ergonomics and comfort of the model. These options include the rocking chair mechanism, the mechanism of change in the slope of the back, sinhromehanizm. Rocking chairs, or rather swing block back-seat, is more often used in an armchair managers and there are two types – a centered and offset point swing. The first, most simple, is used in models of chairs mid-range and allows you to deflect the seat and backrest with respect to the mid-point height variation office chair, which can lead to too outlying ago. Chair head, equipped with swing mechanism-shifted point, has a softer momentum swing, and usually refers to the model number of the upper price segment.

Change mechanism torso – a frequent guest workers armchairs middle segment, but as the tilting mechanism can have two versions. The simplest – office chair fitted with a rotating lamb release and fixation, it can weaken the seat recede, and twisting of the backrest to selected position. In the more expensive models of office chairs, seat-back control function takes on a special lever, which is certainly more convenient for the user. Finally synchronization. Distinctive feature of expensive models of office chairs and most expensive models of chairs for the head. It combined the two functions above and swing, and change the angle of inclination of the back, but especially the synchronized mode. Back chairs rejected with the seat in the proportion of 1:3, which allows not only a smoother dynamics, but also the optimal distribution of weight sitting on a square chair. Office chair fitted with these mechanisms can give them owner of a few minutes of respite during a busy work day, relieving pressure on the spine and improve circulation. Thus, when choosing an office chair for the operator of the computer and when you buy chairs for the manager makes sense to pay attention to these options in your favorite model. Especially that chair is not just an office accessory, but an important element of the arrangement of office space.

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