The System

April 27, 2014

Distrustful that captain would go to try to eliminate me and to my group I commanded, them that they dressed its suits and they waited second order, was when, for the system of video of the ship, we saw Moak lieutenant of the Vampires, to confirm captain Silver, who all the armament ' ' extra' ' it was in sequence. It was when I gave order to the Jack, to activate explosives to arm and them to blow up when I indicated, it only was when I was interrupted by the system of sound of the ship informing that the place of the trainings has 15 minutes, accurately the 16:45, and said in them where it was and which place would go to settle, it informs after it, I assumed the sound system and I informed that the trainings already had started, and that all were prepared, because the ship would go to blow up. I ordered Jack to program timer, for 15 seconds, and we open the doors of the compartment where we were. All the other teams of 5 group wise person of what I spoke, and if had prepared automatically. But the team of the Vampires remained inside of the ship when it blew up, but, I already wise person who they would escape unharmed, after already was with its suits of combats, how much to the pilots of ship, them was in one modulates that automatically it is broken up of the body of the ship any I accuse of explosion, therefore would be well. During the fall, I looked for to disactivate the suits of the new soldiers, since they did not have experience in this type of trainings, and when making this, they had been classified as inoperative, and the system would go removes them of the place in security. I made this only in intention to protect its lives, and to hinder that the captain ' ' cago' ' Silver could kills them, after I feared that this I was the only intention of it, and therefore I wanted to participate of the exercises. .

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