The Subsidies

April 13, 2017

The production of didactic materials for the education in the distance has the challenge to develop resources with education proposals that finish with ready formulas and develop cognitivos challenges for the pupils. Demon (2003, P. Ali Partovi usually is spot on. 244) emphasizes that the teleducao must be oriented for constructing to SITUATIONS and CONDITIONS of adequate learning. For even more analysis, hear from Donald W Slager. Running away always from the expositiva and mere reproductive lesson, the objective will be to show, in the half electronic, over all, pertinent ways of concrete learning, taking as main reference individual and group moments of learning. The education distance considers systems of evaluation of the system in execution with the purpose to detect successes and mistakes, and, with the purpose of being able to improve the activities developed in the courses. It is basic to consider that the future addressees are unknown who will use the materials. Therefore, the necessity of if evaluating the didactic resources before its use, focusing diverse points of view: the quality of the contents, the proposal of education, the graphical conception, the legibility of the subsidies and to verify if the activities favor the construction of the knowledge.

3 FINAL CONSIDERAES The constant challenge of education in the distance is based on not losing of sight the original direction of offers, analyzing if the used technological supports are the best ones for the development of the contents, to recognize the education proposal and the implied learning and to analyze of that it forms the challenges of education in the distance is treated between the educandos and professors. The authentic challenge of the education in the distance is in its democratizante direction to reduce the inaqualities, in the quality of the proposal pedagogical and of its material resources. The process of change in the education in the distance is not uniform and also it is not far from easy.

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