The Result

November 17, 2014

The trillions of debt, money without equivalent in incredible buzz nonstop online whizzing around the planet. No value in the usual sense is the result of these transactions. There are no serious numbers that describe the volume of debt. There are no reliable figures the amount of that acquired assets represent interest and speculation. There are only so-called percentage profit growth, which no one can do something with, except a few shareholders, captains of industry and their business partners – exchanges, speculators and banks. Are all more or less through participation and no one really knows who is the actual beneficiary or responsible. The network of an oversized spider – in which the world is trapped. So fly tons of online funds through the networks of our world.

Money that you don’t know and never a real value added sprung are, equivalent, simply only ridiculous. There are tons of money in the socks, even speculative used. But one thing is certain and sure, that one could use these funds caused by hot air and debt, value, if this game with added value to all involved. We would have long ago due to these operations, which are now even real so lots to additional money, that there is in circulation – but nothing out of the normal, usual relative into a hyper-inflation, still low inflation rates is happening, not to harm this big business with the interest, because they are always substantially higher than the inflation rate. Conclusion inflation is manageable and not a self runner. Unfortunately, that is not available in the economic wise works. Why suffer the little people, about 90 percent of the world population under these transactions? Why actually creates one tools, as for example in Euroland and the States that harass the people, chastise and curtail their incomes with the Declaration you must rehabilitate households, what doesn’t work like and also can not.

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