The Modernization

October 12, 2011

Pre-assembling the elements of glass running the production, and final adjustments for the finished design – already on the site. There were times when linking the riggers up to 25 sizes of elements of glazing on each floor, with no significant rise in construction! "We can add that for connecting the elements of the window block, in such cases use special constructive solutions. Most often used bay connector, which is reinforced with internal partitions made of pvc pipe with adapters that allow it to dock the two structures. Such solution makes it possible to combine elements of the window block at different angles from 85 to 180 . Sometimes used as standard corner connectors at 135 and for large angles (165-170 ). However, often do a combination of linear segments of the window profile can not be: there is a need for a smooth bend (arched designs, etc.), because the unusual can be not only design buildings but also its design. And this is true for a variety of buildings, For example, the modernization of the old buildings.

How to make a "round" windows technology manufacture of windows with these settings more difficult standard. The main difference lies in the need for curved elements. Decisive importance here are the properties of the material of which make the frame translucent design. For example, to make a rounded frame made of aluminum profiles are often used for glazing Winter gardens and balconies, it has to be bent by cold rolling on the special rolling machine.

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