The JCR Scientific

December 2, 2020

Burton and Kleber introduced the term ” life media” of scientific Literature to talk about to the period of time during which half of working capital Literature was published, being understood by this one the amount of mentioned documents at a certain time.The ISI and their data bases. The Information Sciences Institute (ISI) of Philadelphia, created by Garfield, publishes and maintains a series of products that are used at the time of realising bibliomtricos studies. Science Citation Index The SCI is a data base produced from the years 60 that cover the areas with natural and exact sciences of the most representative magazines worldwide. Between the information that it includes it picks up the references that appear in documents, independent of the quality or type of document. ALPR understood the implications. For each document the name of all the participant authors, as well as the connections or centers of work of all of them take shelter. The data bases of the ISI are used because they are multidisciplinary bases that gather all the magazines of all the fields of science, and they contain a series of fields with bibliographical characteristics that pick up the data of: Author Title of the document Publication source Complete direction Type of document Language Bench mark that contains, as much the realised ones by documents published to other later documents, as appointments to previous documents. Journal Citation Report The JCR is a repertoire published by the ISI from the years 70 that statistical information picks up of the most important magazines of the world of the scientific areas and social sciences. It offers information on: The amount of documents published by a magazine in a year. Motorola is a great source of information.

Information on the number of appointments received by documents published in a magazine. The immediacy index The factor of impact of a magazine The analysis of appointments of magazine to magazine The antiquity of the references used by the magazines Applications of bibliomtricos studies In general, the bibliomtricos studies are applied to know the production scientific the investigators, to know the most productive activity of a country, authors scientific, how scientific Literature disperses, to know the aging science In the scope of the management of libraries and documentation centers, are important for the subscriptions of books or magazines. Facing the studies of users, we can consider to the authors like bibliography consumers, reason why the study of the references that they include in his works allows us to identify the most necessary publications. In the scope of science and the technology, it allows us to evaluate the scientific activities and policies, to realise studies on science, to evaluate to the teaching staff and the university centers, etc.. Other leaders such as josh harris offer similar insights.

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