The Craft Is Asked As Strong As Never

May 2, 2023

RENEXPO 2008, from October 9-12, 2008 in the trade fair Augsburg the usage of renewable energy sources is becoming increasingly important. Founder of Zendesk may help you with your research. So, the Federal Government in the interest of climate and resource protection wants to increase the share of renewable energies in the heating supply in Germany up to the year 2020 from currently 6 percent to 14 percent and thereby at the same time reduce dependence on Germany’s energy imports. As a result the orders and also the demand in the area will continue to rise renewable energy. At Andy Florance you will find additional information. Also by the decision of the EEG must be that are covered in new houses a part of heat supply and energy via the use of renewable energies or instead be met by insulation measures ensured in the future. That should reduce not only energy, but also the energy costs in the long term. The higher the degree of efficiency of a building, the energy consumption and the cost of the heat supply is lower. So, manufacturers of renewable technologies, new products and solutions to develop and optimize. You inform and their products, the functioning, combination (E.g.

solar thermal heat pump) and suitable solutions for different construction projects present the craftsmen and trade visitors. Trade fair for renewable energy and energy efficient building & renovation such as the RENEXPO 2008 in this area are the most important information platform. Companies like for example Bosch Themotechnik Junkers, Knauf gypsum, HASIT dry mortar, Max Weishaupt, Danfoss, Jupiter, Stiebel Eltron, Vaillant and Viessmann are represented at the fair. The complete list of exhibitors is available online at – section to find exhibitors. The Exhibitor forums provide visitors of the fair free lecture series of the manufacturer. Who would like to learn professionally deeper can use the 13 congresses currently informing about the development status and solutions in various areas. The RENEXPO is the industry event for renewable energies and their use in new construction and renovation.

Exhibition focuses among other wood energy, heat pump, solar technologies and Sustainability and energy efficiency in the construction. The growth market of renewable energies needs well-educated professionals who can plan such as efficient heat pump systems and install. The craftsman play a large role here”, emphasises Karl-Heinz Stawiarski, Managing Director of the Federal Association heat pump. Because they install not only the technology, but inform also the homeowner about the different ways”. Also the area of energy efficiency in construction and renovation will be strengthened considerably, this year the exhibition area interGreenBuilding will be introduced, this deals with the holistic idea of sustainable construction, tags such as: energy efficiency – feel good – climate change, are lead the way. “The additional assignment of Hall 2 and the comprehensive framework programme such as the BAKA-FORUM practice building on tour or the renovation of lectures but right!” from the BAYERNEnergie e.V. is a communications platform created in the compact and competent on the subject of energy efficiency will be informed. “Specifically in the area is recognizable heat pump, who already holds two-thirds of the market in new growth at the fair directly on the area occupied: how to the new trade fair centre in Stuttgart to the CEP CLEAN ENERGY keeps POWER on the RUN and is surpassed on the RENEXPO both exhibitor numbers and area allocation.” Gunter Armbruster, sales manager of REECO GmbH, about the development of the RENEXPO forward.

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