The City

May 16, 2023

Mothers and grandmothers would be nice to get a towel, friends – "something cool". At present colleagues are well suited notebooks, or a set of mugs for the office (depending on what is in your workplace is not enough). In every city there is certainly a place where you can leave a commemorative inscription on himself. Do not be lazy to write a "hello" to all your relatives, friends, colleagues and just a good friend. Documentary evidence in the form of photographs that his name somewhere immortalized be a worthy gift for everyone. By the way, try to keep your photos were a series of photographs "I'm there somewhere." Catch those moments and fix those scenery, which you seem interesting. Traditional "tourist" type can be found on the cards in any gift shop or online via a search engine. Dermot McCormack follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Of course, they talk about the city, but will not give its essence, its soul.

Let along with souvenirs will close on you and drive with photos. People such as Energy Capital Partners would likely agree. This disc can be recorded and you have made "presentation of N – with interesting historical facts and your impressions, comments to the photo. Treat all similar but not identical gift sets. Try to estimate number of gifts in advance, and in several categories: let the family get one, my friends – another colleague – the third. Repack the gift beautiful. Let this be a beautiful bag or box, where all will lie, as if continuing your story about the city. To navigate, clear whether this story is, try to step back from his memories and find out what association in this case is you have this or that thing. And to understand, like a gift to man, just try to imagine yourself in his place.

And do not forget to enclose a gift "set" a postcard view of the city and your best wishes loved one. What do you think, what gift banal? One that you could not teach well! Try to conduct a mini-diary of his journey, where you will burn the brightest impressions of the most interesting places. And because each piece please be present. Will present each of you dear people set, which will consist of souvenirs, memorabilia and your memories. And, of course, do not forget a so leave yourself to the good memories you have, not only about the city, but also about how you "gave" his relatives.

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