July 26, 2020

One of these basic tasks is to locate and load the OS into RAM. To access the BIOS settings panel you must press F2, F10, F8 or delete depending on the motherboard during l’ordonnateur aranque. If we are vigilant we can read on the screen during the boot process which is the key that must be pressed. Once inside the BIOS system configuration panel looking for options one that says something like Bootsequence which translates boot sequence. Here, altavista expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Here you must change the order of storage devices so that the CDROM is the first in the sequence.Once you have modified you must serciorarte that out are recorded the changes and if everything went well you only have to restart the computer leaving the cd live in the cdrom tray and the live operating system would load. The live cd is run from the memory RAM software packages that come on the cd are enpaquetados and tablets, otherwise it would not have been possible to put an operating system with all its tools in a 700 MB cd. Only those software packages that are essential for the functioning of the operating system are desempaquetados at the boot time and everyone else is unpacked and is decompressed on the flight when they are requested by the user. It is possible to further optimize the performance of a live cd If you create a small partition for swap or Exchange aimed at allocating virtual memory for what an almacenacioneto external usb drive can be used or one of the drives of the computer if it has any. This type of memory is analogous to the world of microsoft paging memory and we are aware of your /e/ when the C: drive is full and the system tends to freeze, failure of many generations in the unix world has been corrected to dedicate a partition to swap so that it will not never invadida by data from the system to the point of leaving it inoperative.

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