Tested Quality With The RAL – Quality Mark:

April 30, 2014

Infrared heat cabins received new quality predicate Hall by KLAFS Schwabisch, in March 2010. The infrared heat cabins from the House of KLAFS will receive one of the first in the industry the new RAL quality mark: meaningful and reliable decision support for the consumer when choosing for the private relaxation facilities. More and more people opt for a feel-good oasis in your own four walls, and wants worry-free Wellnessmomente. Just Saunaeinsteiger feel the gentle warmth in an infrared heat cabin as comfortable. But the barely manageable heat cabins offer not just made it easy for the decision. And so far lacked objective signposts, to assess the quality of the product simple and understandable and to compare. That has now changed with the introduction of the new RAL quality mark.

The natural RAL quality mark long at the home sauna ensures the necessary transparency on the market of infrared heat cabins and facilitates the comparison different offers. The Gutegemeinschaft infrared heat cabin e.V. sets the quality criteria that must – meet cabins for private use and initiated the procurement of the new RAL quality mark \”RAL-GZ 420\”. So all cabins, which carry the RAL mark, meet the same high standards. In the development of the infrared heat cabin, KLAFS made especially on the harmonious combination of balanced design with sophisticated technology.

In the infrared heat cabins by KLAFS therefore a high quality infrared surface heating system provides invisible in the panelled walls for gentle sweating – instead of the otherwise often as annoying experienced infrared emitters. The deep heat affects the body so completely on particularly gentle, long-wave infrared C radiation. A Morava, meaning loops running power management also ensures that the electromagnetic field each other again saving herself. The now awarded quality mark confirms also the convincing quality of infrared technology by KLAFS. The neutral and independent material testing Institute Darmstadt investigated end of July 2009 the cabins from Schwabisch Hall after the given strict criteria of quality community.

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