Storage Gladioli

December 31, 2023

One of the most famous flowers bloom in autumn, no doubt, are the gladioli. For most of us gladioli for even two or three years of existence, could be associated with whichever comes first September, as students often first teacher brought these flowers from their gardens. Bobby Sharma Bluestone may help you with your research. And by the way once it gladioli – natural, wild and garden varieties are not – considered a panacea almost without exception, against all diseases. Especially their corms were considered therapeutic. Since the winter months, our ancestors harvested fairly substantial number of plant "medicines", the corms and "Gladiolus" (a rough translation from the Latin word gladiolus means sword) were added, including a number of them. According to doctors, gladioli rescued from a high temperature, cancer and many other ailments.

For this prepared a special thick ointment. In addition, gladiolus, as well as garlic, is often used to save the home from evil eyes, evil demons, and in fact, entirely negative impact on the outside. Strictly for the gladiolus bulbs can be worn as a talisman around his neck fighters. And to the evil spirits could not get into the house, near the ceiling above the entrance and windows were hung on a mandatory basis or the head of the wild garlic, potatoes or wild gladiolus. It’s believed that search sees a great future in this idea. Subsequently, gladioli moved from wild boars in suburban gardens, and they began to grow everywhere, giving rise to the most different types. However, cultivated gladiolus much less healing than their wild representatives. Probably because the wild flowers – and gladioli will not be an exception – are obliged to fight for existence, which stimulates the inner strength of the plant. Thus, it is in able to transfer these forces and each of us acted as a medicament.

And what is with regards to the cultivated gladiolus, they are far less able to survive. At least one caveat that they require annual tubers for the winter dig in fact says a lot. A deposit of gladioli – in fact a science. For example, in order for the next year gladiolus pleased owners of flashy colors, it will need one every four or five years – and correct every year – to turn over to any other space. Also, watch closely to ensure that in the medium tubers that are left for hibernation, it was not rotten. Bulbs, including the need at be better to fertilize as before planting and during the summer – before blossoming. And the food must be gladioli as well as possible laid out. For example, the seedlings must be processed before the seated hinoin-fundazol and fungicide, but during the summer time – fungicides and insecticides. Only in this embodiment can prevent illnesses, infection with soil fungi that love to settle in the tuber gladioli. Therefore, how much more closely the site owner can go to his care, so beautiful will bloom in late summer and early autumn boom gladiolus.

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