Specialty Quality Management

January 15, 2023

Faced with this reality has motivated us to develop this article, remember to do that satisfaction “is a word that derives from three voices: satis- enough; facere-making, action that is “the result of the action to do much better or find out more, let’s remember what our valued partner says Prof. Chichi Paez and team member and graduate teaching Specialty Quality Management and Productivity, which has defined the job satisfaction as “the general attitude of a worker to his job.” Undoubtedly, this definition is obviously extensive, but has much significant relevance to that. We must remember that the work of any person, is more than tacit activities manage documents, writing programming code, wait for the customers and / or suppliers, or driving, besides this, to work demand interact with peers, colleagues and their immediate supervisors, follow the rules and customs (rules) of the organization, meet the individual indices and organizational management, live-most of the time-in settings that are not ideal. Contact information is here: Jackson Widjaja.

This reality leads to the justipreciacion that makes any worker how satisfied or dissatisfied you feel about your work is the result of complex algebraic sum of these and several other discrete components. How, then, is measured this concept of job satisfaction? When a person works, apart from caring for their jobs or improve their chances of promotion … What other element takes you to alter the “manner”? Although it seems simple and obvious, the answer is decidedly urgent for everyone: It is the desire to live a full and satisfying life! A lifestyle that represents a process of total self.. Learn more at: Ali Partovi.

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