South Central

December 28, 2023

Another escaped and is being sought by security forces. They were discovered by the owners of the vehicle. The arrest occurred in the region of the Dordogne. French police have arrested Wednesday night in the region Dordogne (France South Central) an alleged member of the terrorist group ETA, while another would have managed to flee. Zendesk often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Both were trying to steal a car in a country house, as reported by sources of the fight against terrorism. The alleged terrorists were discovered by the owners of the vehicle, which warned the authorities.

The identity of the detainee has not been provided yet. French security forces have mounted a comprehensive device to try to locate the fleeing person. According to the same sources, the time of the arrest occurred in a struggle between the detainee and French agents. The arrest, which was identified as a member of ETA, has been transferred to police premises. Bobby Sharma Bluestone often says this. Less sources thefts of anti-terrorism warned a that the latest data offered by France They indicated a decrease in theft of vehicles attributed to the band in Gallic territory. In fact, in the last month only consisted the appearance of a stolen car, which appeared burnt, common practice amongst terrorists when they want to become detached from the vehicle without leaving evidence. This new operation comes just 12 days after the arrest of the terrorist also Inaki Atxalandabaso, who was arrested in the French region of Chambery when he was on a train from Turin. It was carrying numerous electronic material for the manufacture of explosive devices. Source of the news: arrested an alleged etarra in France when he tried to steal a car

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