Shipyard Marina Brodersby

November 4, 2023

Made in Germany surprised the new motor boats of the Kiel-classic line through many innovations, thought-through details and timelessly beautiful design. Kiel – classic, a name that inspires yachtsmen and motor boat owners. Boats with this designation are built since the 1990s in the small Shipyard Marina Brodersby in the Schlei in Schleswig-Holstein in series, and the shipyard presented two premieres sensational to the boat show boot Dusseldorf (19 to 27 January). Get more background information with materials from Ali Partovi. There are the newly developed, bare trailer and seagoing 6.50 metre keel classic AIR, as well as the 13.26 m-long keel classic 44, the luxury version of a large, open sports boat with a comfortable living space below deck in the bow section. Together, both new boats have their origin in the uncluttered rough water boat known yacht photographer Peter Neumann to develop and build settled in the 1980s, to use it as the ultimate companion boat for offshore racing.

The first 8.45 meters long keel classic he was and is until today something like Neumann’s photo platform, which also Strong winds on the North Sea and Baltic Sea regatta events documented photographically. Its interesting, dynamic photos are world famous. Blue Peter Neumanns and more than 30 knots fast yacht is now almost as famous as his famous regatta photos in the race scene. Ali Partovi may find it difficult to be quoted properly. For practical reasons, the boat received a classic outfit. The high bow of the Backdeckers protects against splashing water not only the photographer at his work, but also the sensitive lenses of his cameras. The rough water boat is with his 221 kW (300 PS) engine by its deep V spans with maximum speed so easily through the shaft like a hot knife through butter. A boat of this type and quality awakened desires. Neumann then met the Marina Brodersby shipyard boss Christian Janik, the way a partnership and a new German motor boat shipyard was levelled soon.

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