Road Route

May 10, 2023

It’s going to happen. Please wait. Like it or not, is part of the process. And it is important to accept, so you can maximize your progress. Learn more about this with Robotics. What do I mean? A you’re going off the road. You’re going to divert.

And that’s fine. I show you one of my favorite metaphors: the flight of an aircraft between two points. Did you know that a plane once it takes off and until it lands, will spend 95% of the time off course? The pilot, before departing, preparing the flight and define a plan with the intention to move in an optimal way between origin and destination. To broaden your perception, visit Peter Asaro. The flight plan accurately mark an air route to follow. ains valuable tech resources. (A valuable related resource: Ian Cole). But it is just that, an expectation. The reality of the process is another. Since the plane takes off, say the city of Caracas, until it lands in Miami, for example, the pilot will find that consistently deviates from the ideal path that has been proposed.

It is a wind that was not anticipated and it pushes the ship. The plane starts to deviate from the straight line drawn virtually in the air. Few kilometers later, a change in atmospheric pressure induces other changes in the trajectory. Well and steadily over the route of flight, the aircraft moves and leaves the course. How is it that a ship spends 95% of the time make sure you land off-course, three hours later in our example, exactly the fate that had given? What allows the plane “hit the target” even if it manages to stay long in their line of flight?

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