Recipes Against Poverty In Old Age

June 1, 2023

The work of policy – ahead is currently not really suitable all with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the German fear of the future to take this in any case, poll after poll confirms. While the image had determined in January of this year in cooperation with the opinion Research Institute Emnid on Sunday, that the Germans have a great fear of poverty in old age. We can very well understand that, first scratches show up at many plants that have been completed against the backdrop of the old age security”, says Richard A. Wandl as CEO of aacaeu AG. The aacaeu AG is one of the pioneers of the financial services industry in Germany. The nearby Munich-based company is focused on, to develop preventive concepts, which control to people on a safe and above all secured future. Poverty in old age is one of the biggest problems of our country in the next few years. About 75 per cent of Germans fear it.

Especially women with 82 percent fear a life in poverty at the age. But also the People that so often precede the pension level, between 50 and 64 years old who currently worried”says Waho aacaeu AG Management Board. The financial industry seeks to motivate people for private provision with countless products. Most citizens but also the results of a survey – feel overwhelmed. To unmanageable, the offer is the concrete benefits that offer certain products, to unclear.

“Actually the great moment for serious and qualified consultants”, so the aacaeu man Waho. In retirement can be as simple, for example, through a real estate investment as it offers the aacaeu AG. This shows also continue to show commitment by German institutional investors such as by foreign companies. An important aspect is the escape from the volatility of the stock market. Offering more profitable investments in limited “aacaeu AG says Board Waho. Regardless, it can also for normal”earning investors have an incentive to deal more intensively with the subject property. A another, equally interesting aspect arises from the fact that real estate prices are still relatively low as well as the construction financing terms, while rents on most sites attract again. It will remain much longer so from our point of view”, explains aacaeu Board Waho. Afterwards, it is assumed that in the coming years the prices for real estate due to a shortage of other increasingly attract – and therefore inevitably also rent levels. Take advantage today of monetary systems, to be set on the future and in particular to have a clear answer, as it can get rid of the poverty in old age”, says Richard A. Wandl of the aacaeu AG. To acquire how Waho is already clear that real estate in any balanced portfolio include the aacaeu real estate specialists and often cheaper for experts are than they initially expected. For more information,

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