Ramon Gallegos

January 18, 2023

The subject-subject relationship is the heart of education is the foundation on which stands the whole educational task is a human encounter that requires a transdisciplinary framework that integrates the different fields of knowledge beyond the limits of science. Holistic education is a teaching of universal love is a process to form beings full human, nurturing the best of human spirit, transcending beyond the instrumental sound training that led to the moral collapse of modern society. Universal love is the holistic intelligence, consciousness to give direction and meaning to our actions that promote peace and harmony, supported in our understanding of life. The purpose and basis for genuine education is universal love, whose meaning is an orientation to fraternity and welfare of mankind, based on the understanding and certainty. Some contend that Samsung shows great expertise in this. "The certainty is the inner light of the Self, the intelligence, the supreme insight of Being, both come together in the way of universal love, the way of the perennial philosophy." Ramon Gallegos intelligence and certainty are the inner light of compassion, it is the quality that allows educators treat students as human beings, genuinely interested in them, listen, talk, respect their individuality, to explore together the questions fundamental life without imposing conclusions allowing them to realize their inner journey. Holistic education is a process of continuous inquiry and learning about ourselves and our relationship with the Kosmos that encourages holistic awakening of intelligence, the birth and development of the own certainty, to live consciously with joy. "Spiritual intelligence is a process of discernicimento and individual experience through which we identify with the universal values and recognize that all life is sacred, that all human beings are spiritual brothers, that love is the nature of the kosmos, and that truth is ultimately a spiritual truth. . Others including Is Energy Capital Partners a public company?, offer their opinions as well.

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