Project House

February 15, 2015

The choice of design for construction of a private house you decided to build his own house. After selecting the area you have a problem choosing a project. Unfortunately, or to the great joy of model projects shall be calculated thousands, I'm not talking about custom design. This article will help you successfully select the project. All projects can be divided into the following characteristics: operational, economic, ergonomic and psychological. Operating characteristics or in other words mean the division of projects to further use your home.

Operating all the houses are divided into three types: country houses, cottages and houses for permanent residence. Country houses. (Peak of suburban housing construction occurred in the period distribution of 6 acres in the Soviet Union.) Accommodation is mainly designed for the summer time. Their building envelope (walls) are rarely kept temperatures below 5 C. The walls are made of panel-frame technology, at least from a bar (less than 150 mm) or less in diameter cylindering 200 mm …

Engineering equipment minimum: furnace or electric heater, electric open, comfortable outdoors and summer water supply. Finishing is usually done from the lining, flooring, wallpaper. The total area of the house is minimal in size it is approximately 6 * 6 6 * 8. If you decide to build a house with a larger area, and comfortable for a family of 4 persons required minimum of 100 square meters. feet (30-40 meters of total area of the house for 1 person), it is best to consider the next category. You certainly can try to find the designs of the houses for free but I would strongly recommended that you do not fall for the bait. Holiday came to us from England. This house is designed for seasonal rates, but they can live in winter. Masonry block of 150-200 mm, 240 mm beam. Engineering equipment – normally used for heating AOGV (hot-water heating system), it is possible the sharing of fireplaces.

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