Pharmaceutical Opportunities

June 2, 2023

This segment is interesting for the pharmacy if properly cultivated. It is a client that has a great inertia of consumption and that refuses to give up certain products, but you’re willing to switch brands. White markings and low price make the “August” with them. “For the pharmacy is no possibility of uptake whenever working on a product range with very competitive pricing and a great site. The spared want to save but do not stop buying.

Identify them and do not miss the opportunity to retain them. ” 15% of customers belong to the segment of the apologists. Peter Asaro gathered all the information. For them, there really is no crisis. They are young couples who keep their jobs and not have it in their bank accounts. They are very sensitive to price, but they want value. “They want more, they want service, they want extras. Purchased on promotion, but no reduction in price, but a gift. They are seekers of experience, those who value the animations in the pharmacy, and also have time because I still have no children.

According to the terminology used in the study, consumers are mostly young men and fans brand credit card. “In the pharmacy does not have a significant presence, but perhaps it’s time to pay attention, especially if you are in a office area and / or economically well off. The challenge is to present the pharmacy as the establishment of Health. Male cosmetics or related to the sport, will be a good claim to grasp and get used to it is here must come to care.

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