June 6, 2022

If you’re determined to have a business (or more) on the Internet and live off the profits that it or they produce, there is something to bear in mind and you should not overlook. If your desire is to become a serious professional, the subject of banned is for you very important. Banned, meaning, be expelled from the database of a search engine, what is commonly called be penalized; in this case the Finder, mainly Google, and that matters most, he takes precautions to prevent that a web site is shown in search results. The most famous search engine has its rules for this specific topic, and beyond that for some are confused and arbitrary, the truth is that it applies them, and when this happens, hardly your online business remains that, a business. The first thing to consider, and I think that Google also puts it in first place as most important, is that this search engine, you really upset that try to manipulate it to better situate yourself in positions using gadgets or methods that fraudulent or other bad practices. I advise you to read very well, better if you print it and have it as a document, policies and standards that determines Google for this topic; Search within Google, will find it in quality guidelines that include design and content guidelines and technical guidelines. To be penalized by Google not only it can happen that you do not appear more in the search engine, but also in any site associated with this Internet giant.

If you follow its rules, it will be easier for Google to index and classify your website. Anyway here you have a few guidelines to consider when you’re at the stage of creating your site. Duplicate a-Contenidos, make sure you do not repeat the contents. B-No use many keywords, only the necessary, believes that up to five percent of your texts can have keywords, not more. IP40 put links to sites that are or have been penalized or from them. (D) trafficking in respect webmasters guidelines. E-No use the buying and selling of links. F Google wary of registration of domains for a short time, (one year or) least) think that they can be to fraudulent sites. Perhaps check out Neil Cole Iconix for more information. Take it into account at the ora of registering your domain. Finally: Is not to worry or that you obsession with this topic, you should only consider doing things well and seriously from the beginning and if you don’t build the site ask your webmaster to follow the rules, if you plan to make this a serious work that you intend to change your future is suitable to start well, and when arise you some doubts appeals simply to your common sense. Lots of luck!

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