Newsletter Software for you

January 1, 2011

Many companies that are represented with a Web page on an Internet connection, when sending their e-mails to customers of software to help low-newsletter. Without such software the cost of sending e-mails to customers is often too high. Who therefore completely waived on marketing via newsletters, but gives away a simple and quick way to contact with its customers. With a regular newsletter, any website operator successfully attract many customers, and loyalty – if he complied with the statutory rules as well as in terms of content and structure of the e-mail pays attention to care. Legal Pitfalls The dispatch of a newsletter may only be subject to the double opt-in process, ie, the customer must explicitly consent to receive the newsletter. This consent must be logged later proved (), if it should ever come to disputes. The possibility anonymous login, the immediate instructions on the proper handling of the data of the receiver are mandatory.

Any shipping unsolicited e-mails is not allowed in Germany. How your website must also be provided with a newsletter imprint. Create confidence even if you have complied with all legal requirements, it is the next hurdle “Spam Filter” at the receiver to overcome. To get around these filters, you can avoid if possible emotive words like “free” or other lurid advertising phrases in subject and body. Create Your IP address identified serious, such as” to send the newsletter at regular intervals.

So that you make on your customers a reliable impression. Loyal reader – Win with real added value figures to the newsletter in an attractive form and make the recipients to read as easily as possible. An appealing common font, formatting, and few meaningful division into sections to make the newsletter more readable. Short texts that make the reader curious, often better than long-winded description of your Products. Keep your target in sight and think about what the people are interested in this target group. If you want to sell pots, then you not only describe the benefits of your products, even if they are so excellent. Provide your readers, for example, with new recipes and household tips. Thus, we read your texts really – and you can place a discreet notice on your products with a link to your website at any time in it. A Newsletter Software Newsletter Software helps all legally and formally observe the important points, also you can use it to monitor the success of your newsletter campaign better.

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