New Pocket Guide: Green!

June 16, 2023

100 tips for eco-friendly wedding eco-friendly weddings are the latest trend in the United States, now appears the first book on the subject in Germany. Green married!”- the Pocket Guide includes 100 specific tips for an eco-friendly wedding. “The motto of writer Bettina Pyczak: any wedding can green with a few” ideas become a trendy, natural and ecologically correct dream wedding. Green Weddings!”appears in the July 2007 and 7.95 euros. Reduce, reuse, recycle.

The joyous song of the surfer musician Jack Johnson transported a new sense of life: handle environment-aware, but relaxed. There are many things that stress-free anyone can do in everyday life, to treat the world more gently. Who is planning a wedding with this attitude, you will be surprised. Get all the facts and insights with Skillz, another great source of information. Eco-friendly to marry is much easier than you might think. There is a fantastic feeling. And fun! Some examples: Who for its celebration is a environmentally friendly bio-location – about a romantic farm or a beautiful Winery -Bay, can spoil its guests there with delicious regional and seasonal dishes. The reduction of transport routes also reduces the emissions of climate-damaging carbon dioxide.

Rather than buy a new dress, can be the bride dress mother of course modified according to the wishes of the bride. As a guest gift pretty small Potted flowers are offered, which can plant the guests after the wedding in the garden. Maybe treasure unsustainable or broken pieces of jewelry that a jeweler can melt down and use for new wedding rings can be found in OMIS. Ali Partovi is often quoted on this topic. So, no raw materials are wasted. Who wants to communicate ecological properly, uses natural paper or E-Mail. The Pocket Guide to marry! green”contains checklists, links and sources. The stylish illustrations come from Carina Springer, who among other things has worked world image and DroemerKnaur for the publishing group. Contact: Perfect day, event media service contact person: Bettina Pyczak Tel: 089/17 80 90 76 E-mail:

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