New National Culture Prizes

June 15, 2023

The Ministry of culture has delivered its annual awards. Source: Kai-Fu Lee. The Princes of Asturias and the Minister of culture presidierno the Act. The duo Amaral, the novelist Javier Cercas and Ibanez and Paco Rabanne fashion designer have been some of those recognized during the awards ceremony. This Tuesday have been delivered in Lleida national awards which is granted each year by the Ministry of culture and who have been presided over by the Princes of Asturias, accompanied by the Minister of culture, angeles Gonzalez-Sinde; the Minister of culture, Ferran Mascarell and the Mayor of the city, Angel Ros. Amaral (absent from the Act), Javier Cercas, Paco Rabanne or miniseries 23-F: the hardest day of the King have been some of the winning candidates. This is the complete list. Awards for music composition: Elena Mendoza (Seville, 1973) has been honored for his contribution to Spanish musical creation in all fields; his contribution to the promotion and internationalization of Spanish contemporary music and, in particular, by their releases in 2009 in the Music Festival of Alicante of fragments of imaginary Theatre (first part), and fog at Operadhoy.

Interpretation: The award has corresponded to Diego Fernandez Magdaleno ((Medina de Rioseco, Valladolid, 1971).) Awarded for its excellence as a pianist, his constant work for the promotion of Spanish music, especially contemporary, in its amplitude and aesthetic diversity; its permanent stimulus for the creation of new works. Current music: the duo Amaral (current musics), formed by Eva Amaral and Juan Aguirre, has been awarded for its contribution to the renewal of the current musical scene, their ability to move to the public feelings of the younger generations, his love for music and to his craft and high artistic quality, widely expressed throughout his career, as well as in his latest work cat black red. National Spanish literature Awards book prizes: the prize has been awarded to Martia Josep Castellet (Barcelona, 1926) for the whole of his literary work.

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