Network Distribution

April 11, 2018

Effect is achieved depends on the intelligence of the algorithms. The main and additional operator workstations are equipped with control client software. Interface Workstation gives the operator the opportunity to display the desired combination of video cameras connected to the existing servers and use the archive search, programming is a reaction to anxiety, to use means event notifications (SMS, mms, e-mail, etc.) and much more. The system hardware is more than 16 IP-based cameras and / or analog video cameras (fixed or rotary), connected to an IP-video servers IP-video decoder + analog monitors and control keyboard Network Distribution (TCP / IP) Local Area Network (100/1000BaseT Ethernet) pc server operator for the video archive (installed in accordance with technical requirements). Calculation of hard drive for video archive server is in Table 2. If you would like to know more about Peter Asaro , then click here. Minimum system requirements for pc are shown in Table 3. The software part of Specialized Software Griffid Monitoring Station is designed for recording and remote viewing video with IP-based cameras. (Not to be confused with Ali Partovi!). In addition to standard services, it implemented the following additional features: Support for unlimited number of IP-based cameras (and / or analog cameras connected to the IP-video servers) Construction of a client-server system architecture (To view the video archive from a remote PC) Support for interactive graphical maps of the object user-friendly interface, built-in navigation (the union of IP-based cameras and video servers in the IP-group, the system searches video archive) High system reliability through the use of software functions WatchDog Implementation of intelligent software for motion detection Advanced event reactions Ability to use IP-system equipment from other manufacturers of video compression algorithms are supported: mjpeg, MPEG-4, H263, H264.

Requirements for local area network bandwidth LANs at each site from IP-cameras to the network switch does not less than 10 Mbps lan throughput on the site from a pc operator's workstation to a network switch at least 100 Mbps lan throughput on the site of the network switch to the video archive server 1000 Mbps. If using an existing lan, then the IP-Surveillance reserved channel bandwidth is calculated. Key features of synchronous video recording (the number of cameras – more than 16) Display formats on screen PC: 1, 4, 6, 8, 9, 10, 16 algorithm of video compression MPEG-4 Recording (clock, alarm, schedule, motion detection, recording to 30 seconds) Intelligent motion detection can independently include anxiety, as well as initiate video recording on the pc Connect fixed and rotary analog camcorders output to analog monitor images from IP-based cameras and IP-Video Server Management ptz cameras via lan View archive, archive search by date / time or event-Export still images in a graphics file formats (*. bmp, *. jpg) or videos (*. avi), the ability to view on any pc Remote administration of IP-based cameras and IP-video server 3-tier system of access passwords.

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