NEAT Group Call System

February 2, 2016

TREX, geriatric residences for the residential area, NEAT group call system has both a full communication and home automation system and a more basic system called paciente-enfermera that let you manage the daily care of the facilities. Both solutions are developed by NEAT and allow its enlargement or according to the specific needs of each client. NEAT has an advanced call system called Trex system that allows reception of alarms wireless and portable. Does not require installation with what costs and improving the service provided to users of the residences with immediate attention. The system works in the following way; When a resident his button pressed or any detector alarm is activated, the receiver Trex alert immediately to the auxiliary through beep or vibration, showing what resident or the detector has triggered alarm. The Assistant knows instantly who has requested the aid, indicating the number of room and You can go immediately. Trex can cover great distances using antennas located around the venue that only require electrical power and to use a radio system can be installed quickly and with low costs. Each Trex device can communicate with other Trex devices, so that in the event an auxiliary needs help to attend a resident you can call immediately another Assistant reporting their location by sending the last alarm received. To facilitate consultations and alarm management, TREX keeps the history of the last 16 calls with the date and time information that occurred.

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