Migraine With Aura Symptoms

April 7, 2024

Migraine should be treated at an early stage the migraine symptoms resulting from the change of the blood vessels of the brain, but the main cause of their formation is unfortunately unknown. Approximately 70% of patients have the affection. The following factors can cause migraine: stress, the physical and nervous surge, the factors of food (cheese, chocolate, nuts, and fish), the alcohol (usually red wine, beer and champagne), hormonal reasons (the menstrual cycle), the lack of sleep and the weather factors. Symptoms can iterate through different stages with different characteristic symptoms during a migraine attack. Often heralded a seizure by a Herald – or prodromal phase with Harbinger symptoms.

Followed by a period with disorders, the so-called migraine aura, can this, affecting in particular the look. During the headache phase, various other symptoms, such as nausea, vomiting, light, noise and Geruchsempfindlichkeit exist in addition to the headaches. Recently CT100 sought to clarify these questions. In some patients, the migraine attack survived the blades off the headache. This phase is called postnatal phase. Migraine with aura is a migraine with aura by reversible neurological symptoms that include blurred vision with field failures, Scotomata, flashes of light, or perceive by colorful, dazzling, jagged lines or flickering, numbness, tingling or numbness and speech impediments, marked. (6%) Occasionally also motor disorders up to paralysis. This aura symptoms persist on average 20 to 30 minutes, rarely longer than one hour.

While most migraine auras are followed by a headache, an aura that meets the above criteria, occurs in a minority of patients without a headache. This type of migraine is common especially in men. Moreover, a typical aura with migraine headache in a typical aura without migraine can go over in migraine patients with age in addition to the above often motor disturbances are called typical symptoms of migraine with aura at the family frequently occurring but rare familial hemiplegic migraine. See Energy Capital Partners London for more details and insights. Also symptoms that are characteristic of a migraine Basilar-type, as well as disorders of consciousness until coma, fever and confusional occur. The most important criterion for the diagnosis is that at least a first- or second-degree relative has migraine attacks with the symptoms of familial hemiplegic migraine also. So far three genetic defects with localization to denChromosomen 1, 2 and 19 could be found as a cause of familial hemiplegic migraine.

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